13:30-15:00 Degree Apprenticeship Workshop – Professor Alastair Irons, University of Sunderland

Degree Apprenticeship programmes in Computing have been in operation for nearly five years and a number of computing faculties, schools and departments have offered these as part of their provision. The degree apprentice programmes are an alternative way of providing higher education programmes with students being in employment and funding coming from the government and employer rather than the student.

The purpose of the workshop is to share the opportunities afforded by the Degree Apprentice programmes and to discuss some of the challenges in implementing and operating Degree Apprenticeships. Going forward the landscape of the Degree Apprenticeships will evolve, not least because of the changing status of Tech Partnership who have been instrumental in the operation of the Degree Apprenticeship programmes to date. For those already running Degree Apprenticeship programmes, colleagues will leave the workshop with a set of potential actions to enhance their provision. For those not running Degree Apprenticeship programmes, colleagues will have the information to make an informed decision on whether Degree Apprenticeships are an option for their home institutions.