Meet the New Committee

There were a number of changes to CPHC officers and committee members at the recent annual conference and AGM held at Loughborough University.  Retiring from the committee, after long and valuable service were Professors Lachlan Mackinnon, Liz Bacon and Martin Loomes.  Sally Smith was elected the new CPHC Chair with Dr. Iain Phillips moving to the position of Immediate Past Chair.  Professor Carsten Maple was elected Vice-Chair and Professor Edmund Robinson becomes Treasurer.  Professor David Duce continues as Secretary.

Professors Balbir Barn and Miltos Petridis join existing members Professor Sally Fincher, Professor Vic Grout, Dr. Stephen Jarvis, Dr. Colin Johnson, Dr. Rupert Ward and Professor Ian Wells on the CPHC Committee.

Full committee details and affiliations

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