New Report on Driving Entrepreneurship Published

A new CPHC report, written by Dr Peter Norrington, has been published

Computer Science: Driving Entrepreneurship

This report presents the findings of a snapshot review to highlight spin-out, start-up and student-based models for entrepreneurship throughout computer science departments in the UK, showing how computer science can create jobs and growth. The report was undertaken with a view to celebrating the contribution of computer science to economic growth. It can also be used to generate and source ideas where institutions are considering how this might work in their departments.

Information for the review was gathered through the CPHC’s Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the Computing Curriculum resources; desktop research including an investigation of institutional websites as significant public and student-facing sources of information; and a small-scale survey, conducted to gather further information on positive aspects of entrepreneurship.

Four case studies of entrepreneurship activities are presented, noting that the publication of case studies in the Research Excellence Framework will not occur until spring 2015.

Both to support positive recognition in the press and to offer institutions and departments ideas for their development, several key features of successful entrepreneurial activity are identified. The report also identifies barriers to the visibility of entrepreneurial computer science.

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