Integrating Cybersecurity into Computer Science Curricula

A new joint White Paper from CPHC and The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium on Perspectives: Integrating Cybersecurity into Computer Science Curricula has been published.

The paper explores the evolving role of cybersecurity covering areas such as information security, systems security, application security and information assurance – the impact being felt across society of poor attention to cybersecurity, as well as the prospects for addressing growing expectations from industry and government, including those laid out in the new Key Information Set (KIS) which are being mandated by the Higher Education funding councils for all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

It suggests that exposure to more cyber and information security concepts at the undergraduate level could have a variety of benefits for the students, the academic institutions, industry and society. However, it must be recognised that to have any
profound impact the effort must be collaborative between industry, professional bodies and academia.

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