2015 CPHC Conference Begins

The 2015 Council of Professors and Heads of Computing Annual Conference has started at Queen Mary University London.

CPHC Chair, Sally Smith, opened the conference, followed by a keynote from Bertrand Meyer from ETH Zurich.


A full conference programme lies ahead over the next two days, including the AGM.

CPHC Patron, Technology campaigner and TV personality, Maggie Philbin, will deliver a welcome and keynote on day two (Tuesday) of the conference.

Professor’s Meyer’s talk, titled “Can Concurrency Become Easy?” had the following abstract:

“Most software today needs to be concurrent, taking advantage of multicore and distributed computing platforms, or just of multithreading. Building concurrent applications remains a black art; with the standard multithreading mechanisms, the constant risk of data races and deadlocks threatens the execution of all applications. To try to avoid these pitfalls and produce applications that are both efficient and safe, programmers have few tools and little guidance; testing, in particular, is of little help.

The “Concurrency Made Easy” ERC Advanced Investigator Project, building on the SCOOP model of concurrent computation, proposes a concurrency approach that strays as little as possible from established principles of sequential object-oriented programming. The aim is to allow developers to get the full performance of concurrent applications while continuing to reason about their programs in the classical way. I will present these techniques, the current state of their implementation, examples of applications, and the perspective these developments offer for the future of programming.”

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More material to follow!

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