CPHC Committee 2015-2016

CPHC Chair, Sally Smith, continues for the second year of her two-year term, as does Carsten Maple (University of Warwick) as Vice Chair.  Colin Johnson (Kent) takes over as Secretary from David Duce (Oxford Brookes), who retires from the committee with thanks from everyone for his service.  Edmund Robinson (Queen Mary, London) continues as Treasurer and Iain Phillips as Past Chair.

Current committee members, Balbir Barn (Middlesex), Miltos Petredis (Brighton), Stephen Jarvis,(Warwick) Sally Fincher (Kent), Rupert Ward (Huddersfield) and Vic Grout (Glyndwr), are joined by new committee member, Keith Miller (Manchester Metropolitan).  Ian Wells (Swansea Metropolitan Trinity St. David) also retires with thanks.

The new committee will meet (in person) six times between now and the next Conference/AGM and informally/electronically on a much more regular basis.  The work continues …

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