EPSRC Balancing Capability: Call for Evidence Closes Soon

EPSRC has asked institutions for evidence to help in its review of its “Balancing Capability” framework. The call closes on 3rd June.

Colleagues will be aware that EPSRC is currently updating its Balancing Capabilities framework. This involves a relatively small amount of structural change (introducing or merging areas and changing definitions). It is also re-examining the classifications into grow, maintain and shrink.

As part of this, institutions have been asked to supply evidence. Please note, the call is to institutions, and the request is for a fairly tightly defined form of evidence. Put simply, evidence is a report (preferably published) written by somebody else. It is not a statement from an individual, no matter how knowledgeable or persuasive.

If you have knowledge of such a report, and would like it to be considered in the process, then:

CPHC is planning to make a small submission, and in the event that you can’t submit evidence through your own institution, then you are welcome to request that we forward it on your behalf. The phrasing is intended to discourage you from taking this route as easier than communicating with individuals at your own institution. And note that we are not guaranteeing to submit everything passed on to us.

The call contains examples of the kinds of evidence EPSRC is looking for (including a list of documents they already have sight of), and also indicates particular areas where EPSRC feel they would benefit from more information.  In ICT these are
• Architectures and Operating Systems
• Biological informatics
• Databases
• Displays
• Human Communication in ICT
• Information Systems
• Optical Communications
• Optoelectronic Devices and Circuits
• Pervasive and ubiquitous computing
• Software Engineering
• Verification and Correctness
• Vision, Hearing and Other Sense

There are also relevant areas listed under Maths:
• Complexity Science
• Logic and Combinatorics
• Numerical Analysis
• Operational Research
• Statistics and Applied Probability

CPHC’s point of contact for this is Edmund Robinson (e.p.robinson@qmul.ac.uk).

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