CPHC Chair’s Statement

CPHC Chair’s Statement from 3rd June 2016

I am delighted to take up the position of Chair of CPHC.  Having been involved in the Council for over 10 years, and having a substantial period on the Committee, I look forward to taking the Council forward over the next two years.  I am excited about the immediate and longer-term future of CPHC, and look forward to working with not only a strong and committed committee, but also engagement with our community.  The 2016 Conference was an excellent platform to push forward with promoting partnerships with other organisations to drive the agenda for CS teaching and research, along with UKCRC.  We have, over the recent past, established a strong position in the UK Computer Science sector, and it is vital we rise to the challenges we have been set.  The first challenge we must address is leading and assisting with actions recommended in Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt’s Review of Computer Science.   We will establish four working groups to take forward the recommendations of the review, and membership of these working groups will comprise members of the committee and the wider membership of the Council.  I aim, over the next two years, to ensure that we deliver on our charitable mission and aims, and to engage the full membership to achieve this.  I have always maintained that the success of CPHC depends upon its engagement with, and representation of, its members.  To address this, over the next year I hope to establish regional approaches in tackling national issues, through the establishment of regional sectors of CPHC.  To maximise the efficacy of such an approach, we will look to partner with other organisations that have regional representation.

Communication will be important going forward, if we are to have the impact we desire.  This will include communication within the Council membership, and with wider audiences.  A first step in this communication plan is that I will aim to make Chair’s Statement at each Committee meeting, that will be made publically available on our website before the next meeting.

I think the future of UK Computing Science is exciting, and through our continued energy and passion, we can ensure that we remain at the global forefront.

Carsten Maple, Chair, CPHC

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