CPHC Chair’s Report: October 2016

After the summer, some key activity must begin in earnest.  CPHC has been in discussions with CASE to explore the benefit of undertaking and producing a joint report on the CS/STEM landscape.  Suggestions from members are welcome. 

Key points:

This week the Prime Minister has started to outline a BREXIT timeline.  I think it will be important for CPHC to identify opportunities as well as issues.  Our approach for identifying such issues and opportunities, and communicating our message, is being considered.  It is worth exploring whether we should work in partnership on such a programme.

A Shadbolt Implementation Group has been established by DfE (who will lead the follow up work, reporting to Jo Johnson).  Representatives from CPHC, DCMS, Tech Partnership, BCS and HEFCE are on the group.  A meeting was held in August, with a follow-up arranged for 5 October.  CPHC has been asked to lead on two actions, and support a third.  CPHC members will indirectly support the fourth action on Accreditation.  A ministerial round table with Jo Johnson has been scheduled for late November.

Computing at Schools, an organisation we have been supporting for some time, continues its good work and I maintain regular contact.

The first EPC meeting of the academic year was held in September, but unfortunately I was unable to attend.

Carsten Maple, 6th October 2016

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