2018 Conference Programme

CPHC Conference Programme 2018

Monday 23rd April

10:00-12:00 New Heads Workshop – Dr Iain Phillips

10:15-12:15 Athena SWAN – Professor Carron Shankland

12:30 Arrival Registration – Lunch is served

13:30 Welcome by Professor Phillip Wright, Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering, Newcastle University

13:45 Conference Introduction by Chair of CPHC – Professor Carsten Maple

14:00 EPRC Themes and pointers to REF 2021 – Nigel Birch, ICT Senior Portfolio Manager, EPSRC

14:30 EDI Forum including Inclusion Matters, focus on gender: challenges and success. Chair Prof Carsten Maple, panel members: Sally Smith, Ray Farmer, Jane Hillston Susan Eisenbach Head of IC , Carron Shankland

15:15 Coffee Break & EDI Action Planning. Sally S and Rupert to produce questions to be addressed by groups of six, led by a named facilitator (CPHC committee to be facilitators) Facilitators: to record key actions and report back on Tue.

16.15 Promoting Careers in Computing Education, David Duce

16:30 Institute of Coding Update Director, Rachid Hourizi, to present

17:00 CPHC Annual General Meeting Accounts & Elections

17:30 Summary and Close

18:30 for 19:00 Drinks Reception & Dinner at Living Planet Gallery at The Hancock – After Dinner Presentation – Chi Onwurah, MP

TUESDAY 24th April

9:00 Arrival Registration / Coffee

9:30 TEF (subject pilot update)/KEF for forward planning- speaker and panel discussion (contributors TBC)

10:30 Feedback from EDI session by facilitators.

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 National Computing Centre Dr Bill Mitchell BCS

12:00 Update from Learning Development Group, CPHC Sally Fincher

12:30 Lunch

13.30 Orbit workshop: promoting Responsible Research and Innovation, Prof Bernd Stahl, De Montfort University Leicester

13.30 Degree apprenticeship workshop, Prof Alastair Irons, Sunderland University

15.00 Close