Call for nominations to CPHC Committee

The CPHC Annual General Meeting will be held in person in April 2022 (20th/21st – exact time to be confirmed) at the conference at the University of Bath. The AGM will include:

  • Reports by officers and leaders of groups.
  • Election of Committee officers and members for 2022-2023
  • Issues raised by members

The current constitution can be consulted via the CPHC site at:  

Elections and Nominations to the Committee The list of current officers and committee members can be found at: The Committee consists of the Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), eight ordinary members, the immediate past Chair, and up to three co-opted members. The Officers and ordinary members are elected by ballot of members. The term of office of Officers and of elected ordinary members is two years. No member (other than the Chair or immediate past Chair) may serve for more than seven years continuously. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall not be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office. The Treasurer and other elected members shall be eligible for re-election. The following members of the committee are currently ending a two-year term of office (2020-22):

  • Edmund Robinson (Chair) [end of term]
  • (Vice Chair), vacant
  • Atif Waraich (Secretary) [end of term]
  • Rob Aspin [end of term]
  • Ray Farmer (Treasurer) [stepping down]
  • James Davenport [end of term]
  • Paul Sant [end of term]
  • m.c. schraefel [end of term]

Sally Fincher is at the end of a two-year term as Immediate Past Chair.

The following committee members reach the end of their term of office at this year’s AGM. They are all eligible for re-election to the committee:

  • Mark Griffiths – Wales co-opted [stepping down]
  • Carron Shankland

In addition, the committee has invited representatives from UKCRC and the BCS Academy to its meetings on a regular basis as non-voting members. 

There are therefore vacancies for eight (8) ordinary members on the committee. 

Nominations for ordinary members of the Committee should be submitted to me ([], copied to by email before 16.00 on Friday 31st March 2022.

This nomination should consist of the name and contact details of the member being nominated and the name and contact details of the member making the nomination; these must be different people. The member being nominated must provide a brief biography (certainly no more than one side of A4) identifying the nominee’s institution and teaching and/or research-related responsibilities, and a short statement saying why the nominee is interested in standing.

Vacancies are also open for nominations to co-opted officer posts, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer as well as ordinary members. Whilst members are entitled to stand for any position, it has been usual practice for new Committee members to join the committee as ordinary members in the first instance in order that they can familiarise themselves with the workings of the Committee before taking on another role. 

Elections will be held online prior to the AGM (details to follow) with results and committee positions confirmed at the AGM.

Atif Waraich, Liverpool John Moores University, Secretary, CPHC Committee