North of 300: Dealing with Significant Growth

Audience: Heads of Department, Heads of Teaching and Teaching Staff facing increased student numbers (not necessarily more than 300).

Purpose: to gather comparative evidence and suggest possible handling mechanisms that colleagues may subsequently draw on, encourage ongoing networking, and build community.

Venue: Queen Mary University of London

Date: Friday 25 January 2019

Cost: 50 pounds

To book  The deadline for ticket sales is midday on Friday 18 January, but spaces are limited so early booking is recommended.

Schools of Computing are faced with ever-growing numbers of enrolments, from an increasingly diverse educational background (with/without prior computing qualifications). This brings challenges of capacity and teaching at scale, which in turn entrain issues of how to teach (traditional pedagogical models may not scale), of physical capacity (classroom spaces may be insufficient, digital infrastructure inadequate).

The aims of this workshop are:

  • To share approaches to the problems of capacity, and coping strategies,
  • To share approaches to teaching at increasing scale.

These may inform a subsequent report.

Before the Event

Participants must submit in advance (to

  • One powerpoint slide that contains the top three problems you face with substantially increased undergraduate intake. No slide – no admittance!

A Chair in 10 Years

Audience: Early-career academics (“future leaders”). Participants must have completed their PhD and be in post. The first instantiation of this Workshop is aimed at women only. There will be future instantiations open to all. 

Purpose: Networking for those at a similar career stage.

Venue: University of Sheffield

Date: Thursday 13 December 2018

Cost: 50 pounds

To book: The deadline for ticket sales is midday on Thursday 6 December, but spaces are limited to 20 participants so early booking is recommended.

This workshop looks at some of the issues for those aiming to develop a career in academia. It is designed for post-doctoral staff and staff in the early years of their careers. The outcome should be a clearer understanding of how promotional procedures operate, and the start of an action plan to achieve longer term career goals.
Ambition to succeed is great; aspiration, dedication and enthusiasm are great. Progress is undoubtedly helped by an agenda, plans, a strategy and objectives. The point of these workshops is to help colleagues move to practical issues that can assist in career management.

Before the Event
Participants must submit in advance:

  • a brief biography (PhD details, where employed, how long employed);
  • their institutions’ promotion criteria;
  • a one-page grant proposal. This should cover all the essential aspects of an EPSRC New investigator Award (or equivalent), on one side of A4.

CPHC Workshop dates announced

This year CPHC are offering workshops on themes of interest to the
membership. The intention is to run each workshop several times, in
different parts of the country. If you are interested to host one,
please get in touch.

The first two workshops are “A Chair in 10 Years”, focussed on career
planning and networking for early-career colleagues, and “North of 300:
Dealing with Significant Growth”, focussed on sharing approaches and
practices in response to greatly increased student numbers.

There is a cost-covering charge of £50 per head.

Further details may be found here – please pass these on to appropriate

For ‘A Chair in 10 Years’ at the University of Sheffield on Thursday 13 December 2018, please book here.

For ‘North of 300 – Dealing with Significant Growth’ at Queen Mary University of London on Friday 25 January 2019, please book here.