CPHC Workshop: Promoting Careers in Computing Education, University of Kent 27/28 March 2018

**Update: A provisional timetable is now available here.

Amongst the recommendations in the recently published Royal Society Report ‘After the reboot: computing education in UK schools’ is a recommendation ‘higher education providers need to promote careers in computing education to a wide range of students’. In response to this, Oxford Brookes University, the University of Kent at Canterbury and the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing are organizing an open workshop and planning a report to reflect on this theme.

We know that number of universities run modules under the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme which are designed to give students direct experience of computing education in schools, from a teacher’s perspective and to encourage them to consider careers in teaching. Some universities are offering courses that combine computer science and education, leading to a qualification that includes Qualified Teacher Status.

The workshop aims to bring together university staff, teachers and students to reflect on experiences so far of promoting careers in computing education and what next steps might be taken. We encourage participation from people thinking about setting up these kinds of modules and qualifications, or with a more general interest in approaches to promoting careers in computing education, as well as those who already have experience in this area. Academics, teachers and students alike are encouraged to participate.

The workshop programme includes a keynote talk from a member of the Report’s Working Group and case study presentations from the perspectives of academics, teachers and students, reflecting the diverse ways in which ‘computing in the classroom’ is incorporated in undergraduate curricula. The programme will also include plenty of opportunities for discussion and to formulate future actions.

Some issues that might be addressed at the module level include:

  • Setting up such modules
  • Finding school partners
  • What to teach prior to placements
  • Supervision of students
  • What kind of projects do they do?
  • Assessment
  • Challenges
  • Reflection on lessons learnt
  • Time management issues – for university, teachers and students
  • Effectiveness (however judged)

A key output from the workshop will be a CPHC report including case studies from participants, reflection on the issues raised by the workshop and recommendations for future action.

There is no charge for the workshop, which starts with lunch on 27 March (12.30 to 13.30) and ends after lunch at 13.00 on 28 March. Attendees should arrange their own overnight accommodation and dinner on 27 March.

To register for the workshop, please complete the Promoting Careers in Computing Education Registration Form, no later than Monday 19 March.

Organising committee:

David Duce, Clare Martin (Oxford Brookes)

Janet Carter (Kent)

Sally Fincher (CPHC)