Embedding Cybersecurity in the Computer Science Curriculum

CPHC is working with the support of The UK Cabinet Office and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT to help its members implement new criteria for including cybersecurity principles and learning outcomes within computing science and IT related degrees.

(ISC)2/CPHC Resources

So far our efforts have reached over 66 universities and nearly 160 programme leaders and lecturers in a series of workshops lead by (ISC)², the world’s leading international association of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals.  They have also prompted the development of a growing repository of resources available for your teaching staff and an ongoing community effort to support teaching in this area. Continue reading

Next Steps Workshop on Cybersecurity, Accreditation and Computing Science

Fresh on the heels of a UK university tour which gleaned input from 60 HEI’s, this will be an opportunity to shape priorities for the support we provide to enhance cybersecurity content within computing science degrees and meet new guidelines for accreditation. The session will review the recommendations received from the universities, and inform the development of supporting materials and resources that will be made available to the computing science community. We will cover work that universities are actively working on today, including curriculum development projects funded by the HEA, proposals to develop an online resource repository; professional development and staff training; case histories; infrastructure specifications and more.

Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Campus, Oxford Road.  Tuesday April 26, 13:00 – 14:30 (following lunch at the CPHC Annual Conference)

Led by Carsten Maple, Vice-Chair CPHC and Adrian Davis, CISSP, Managing Director EMEA (ISC)2.  This session is hosted with the support of the UK Office of Cybersecurity and information Assurance.

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Cybersecurity in Computer Science Degrees: Implementation Roadshow

The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) and (ISC)2 is planning a series of half-day workshops (hosted with the support of the UK Government Office of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance & BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT) to support the development of cybersecurity curriculum within computing science degrees.

Developed to support new guidance for cybersecurity now referenced within revised accreditation guidelines from BCS, these will be an opportunity to both delve into topic specific areas and learn from the experience of colleagues.

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Cybersecurity to Become Core Component of UK Computing Degrees

A consortium of industry, academia and government bodies – led by CPHC and (ISC)2 – has created cybersecurity learning guidelines to be embedded into BCS accredited UK Computer Science and IT-related degrees

(ISC)2/CPHC Resources

Universities now have access to the UK’s first higher education cybersecurity learning guidelines for undergraduate degrees to be referenced within BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, accreditation criteria for computing and IT-related degrees. Published by (ISC)2, the largest not-for-profit membership body of certified information and software security professionals with nearly 110,000 members worldwide, and the Council of Professors and Head of Computing (CPHC), the guidelines reflect broad consultation with more than 30 universities and industry bodies. Developed in support of the UK government’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, the guidelines define cybersecurity imperatives and learning outcomes affecting the next wave of computing degrees from as early as September 2015.

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