Social Media and Internationalisation in Computing Education

CPHC World Cafe Notes and Feedback (PDF) now available

Session times, speaker biographies and titles

Chair: Rupert Ward, University of Huddersfield

4.30pm-4.45pm: Professor Yong Yue-Xi’an Jiaotong, Liverpool University
“Delivering a UK Curriculum in China”
Professor Yue is the Head of the Computer Science Department at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.  He will discuss the strategy and operation of such ventures.  Collaborations such as XLJTU are growing in number and present a number of challenges and opportunities for both institutions.  Areas explored will include how the parent institutions interact with what is largely an independent offshoot.  Destinations of graduates, impact on students in the three entities, staffing and research will all be covered. (Presentation Notes PDF)

4.45pm-5.00pm: Professor Zuobin Wang, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Jilin, China and the University of Bedfordshire
“The Joint Research Centre for Computer-Controlled Nanomanufacturing: A Sino-British Research Centre”
Professor Wang will present the Joint Research Centre and discuss the challenges, opportunities and achievements of the centre.  The motivation behind the collaboration, the funding to support the project and staffing and student supervision will also be discussed. (Presentation Slides PDF)

5.00pp-5.30pm: Keynote Presentation: Professor Leslie Carr, University of Southampton
How the Web Changes the World”
Professor Carr will present a summary of work at the University of Southampton, a world leader in Web Science, on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), their Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and the changes brought about by Open Access Repositories. He will pose a series of important questions and challenges arising from rapid changes in higher education being driven by the Web which will form the basis for the liquid café event that follows.

5.30pm-6.15pm: Liquid Café hosted by Professor Leslie Carr
A set of interactive group discussions identifying the key issues institutions and the sector face with emerging models of research and teaching. (Presentation Notes PDF)

6.15pm-6.30pm: Summary and Close

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