The Future of Computing

Monday 7th April 2014: 2:30pm-4:30pm

Where is evolving computing technology taking us?  What will the future look like and what will it do to us?  What are the great opportunities new technology brings and what threats?  Will the ‘Internet of Everything’ and ‘Big Data’ make personal privacy a thing of the past?  Will the ‘Technological Singularity’ mark a new age of of machine intelligence?  How do we prepare?  What are the key drivers for industry, academia, research and development?  What are the wider legal, social, ethical, political, economic and environmental issues?

Provisional timetable (click on speaker names for biographies):

  • 2:30pm Introduction and Introductions: Vic Grout, CPHC/Glyndwr
    • Meet the panel
  • 2:40pm “A Few Words from Professor Nostradamus”: Anthony Finkelstein, UCL
  • 3:00pm “Success at Scale in the Internet Economy is Converging on being a Machine Learning Problem”: Gareth Williams, CEO Skyscanner
    • Gareth will discuss how he views internet economy success – at scale – as more and more requiring machine learning as core competency (Presentation slides PDF)
  • 3:20pm “Policy and Funding Developments affecting Computer Science”: Chris Millward, HEFCE
  • 3:40pm “EPSRC Strategy and Policy for Computing”: Liam Blackwell, EPSRC
    • A summary of the future of EPSRC strategy, policies and funding and their relevance to the future of computing research in the UK (Presentation slides PDF)
  • 4:00pm Panel Discussion and Q & A
    • email Vic in advance with any topics/questions you would like to have discussed/answered (although there will still be an open floor on the day)
  • 4:30pm Close of Session

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT)

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