Information Group

The purpose of the group is to help the CPHC maintain and enhance its public profile.

Its activities include gathering information and statistics on topics relating to higher education and computing, and to public policy on these.

Chair: Professor Carsten Maple

The Information Strategy Group advises the CPHC on information sources and works with other agencies such as e-skills UK, BCS and the IET in the implementation of the Information Strategy and preparation for lobbying.

The group also suggests pro-active measures and responses to specific issues, as appropriate to the CPHC Information strategy, and informs the CPHC Committee regularly on relevant Parliamentary activities such as the work of PITCOM and the Select Committees.

The activities of the group are sponsored by CPHC and e-skills.

List of contacts

Carsten Maple – Chair – University of Bedfordshire
Rupert Ward – University of Huddersfield
Edmond Robinson – Queen Mary, University of London

Information Group Research

Joint White Paper from CPHC and The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 on Perspectives: Integrating Cybersecurity into Computer Science Curricula (PDF) November 2014

Written evidence submitted to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee on International STEM Students (PDF), March 2014

Digital Britain Report – CPHC – March 2009 (PDF)

Issues with the GCSE ICT Curriculum – evidence provided to e-skills UK – February 2009 (PDF)

Briefing note on the UK ICT Industry Skills and Jobs Crisis – July 2007 (PDF)

Investigation into the decline in BSc Computing/IT Applications to British Universities – July 2006 (PDF)

ICT Professionals in the UK and Offshore Outsourcing – A Summary of Materials – October 2005 (PDF)

Contribution of computing and IT to the UK economy – October 2005 (PDF)

ICT workforce requirements and job opportunities – October 2005 (PDF)

Graduate Destinations – October 2005 (PDF)

First Destinations of UK Computing Graduates – June 2005 (PDF)

Social Class, Gender, Ethnicity & Qualifications of UK Computing Applicants – 2005 (Excel)

Computing in HE stats – Autumn 2004 (Excel)

Doctorates and Higher Degrees in Computing (HESA statistics) – April 2004 (Excel)

Doctorates and Higher Degrees in Computing (HESA figures with RAE figures) – April 2004 (PDF)

UK University Research Funding Spring 2004

First Destinations of UK Computing Graduates – February 2004 (PDF)

Computing and Widening Participation in HE – Social Class and Age – February 2004 (PDF)

Current SEMTA activity on ICT – Short Note – November 2003 (PDF)

Higher Education and ‘Skills’ in ICT Disciplines – A Partial Review of the Literature – September 2003 (PDF)

ICT graduate destinations report (92kb) (PDF)

Offshore Outsourcing – Summary of Materials (118kb) (PDF)

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