Learning Development Group

The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing have constituted a sub-group, the Learning Development Working Group (LDG).

The aims of the LDG are:

  • To promote the development of learning within computing departments.
  • To provide a focus for addressing disciplinary-focussed teaching and learning issues for the CPHC community
  • To identify existing and/or potential actions inside and outside of the CPHC community relevant to these issues.
  • To facilitate sharing practice across the CPHC community

The Chair of the LDG is elected from the main CPHC Committee. There is no fixed membership for the LDG. Rather the group undertakes one or two activities a year (in line with the LDG aims) for which working groups are individually convened.

Chair: Prof Steven Bradley

Special Project Grants

Status: On-going

LDG Working Groups …

WG5 – Promoting Careers in Computing Education 

Remit: In response to Royal Society Report recommendation “higher education providers need to promote careers in computing education to a wide range of students”. This working group seek to identify and share good practice.

Members: Professor Emeritus David Duce (Chair); Dr Clare Martin; Janet Carter; Professor Sally Fincher

Status: Completed: see https://cphc.ac.uk/open-workshop-on-promoting-careers-in-computing/ 

Report: Promoting Careers in Computing Education: Sharing Practice

Members are as per the organising committee.

WG4 – Building a Graduate Employability Community in Computing (GECCO)

Remit: To bring together colleagues engaged in graduate employability from multiple institutions to share practice, document practice and build on-going community.

Members: Professor Sally Fincher; Dr Janet Finlay

Status: Completed: see TheGECCOWorkshopsReport

WG3: Computing Graduate Employability

Remit: To gather, analyse and present employability practices in Computing Departments in the UK.  The project both details the actual practices that departments engage in with regard to employability and also places them in a comparative context.

The project had two parts: a series of workshops and a report.

  • Workshops for sharing practices between participating institutions.
  • Report containing a series of case-studies, exemplifying employability practice “on the ground” gathered from a cross-section of institution types, missions and geographic locations.

Members: Professor Sally Fincher (Chair). Project Researcher: Dr Janet Finlay. Steering Group: Sally Smith, Professor Carsten Maple, Dr Iain Philips, Professor Edmund Robinson.

Status: Completed Report now available (PDF)

WG2: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the Computing Curriculum

Remit: The LDG has compiled a register of where (and how) enterprise and entrepreneurship activities figure in the undergraduate curriculum.

Members: Professor Sally Fincher, University of Kent; Liz Burd, Durham University.

Status: Completed

WG1: Survey of Computing Student Engagement (SCSE)

Remit: The LDG is working to devise a subject-based survey of student engagement, drawing on the US National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Australian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE). This will be piloted in 2013 and offered across the sector in 2014.

Members: Professor Sally Fincher, University of Kent (Chair); Janet Carter, University of Kent; Nick Gibbens, University of Southampton; Chrisina Jayne, Coventry University; Denise Oram, Glyndwr University; Jane Reid, Queen Mary University of London; Mak Sharma, Birmingham City University; Rupert Ward, Huddersfield University.

Status: Completed: Context-setting slides: LDG-WG1-presentation (PDF); Final report: LDG-WG1 (PDF)

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