Shadbolt Working Groups

CPHC welcome the report by Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt for his Review of Computer Science Accreditation, to which three members of the Committee provided CPHC representation through the Advisory Group.

CPHC has been recommended to lead or support a number of actions.  Following a special Committee Meeting during which the major item was the report and actions arising, CPHC have formed four working groups, each chaired by the Chair or Vice-chair of CPHC.  All committee members are involved in at least one of the groups.  We also have Iain Phillips (most recent immediate past chair of CPHC) and David Duce (most recent past secretary and the UKCRC representative in the Shadbolt Review Advisory Group) involved in the working groups.

The groups are as follows:

WG1: Effective Data to Support UK Computer Sciences Education Strategy and Operations

Carsten Maple
Edmund Robinson
Iain Phillips
David Duce

WG2: Examining the Effectiveness of Work Experience in Computer Science

Sally Fincher
Balbir Barn
Ian Allison
Ian Wells
Sally Smith

WG3: Analysis and Identification of Career Opportunities and Role Models

Sally Fincher
Colin Johnson
Rupert Ward
Keith Miller

WG4: Horizon Scanning

Carsten Maple
Vic Grout
Ray Farmer
Miltos Petridis

We are soliciting support from members of the Council to assist in these working groups.  We expect each group to be between 6-8 people (including Committee members) and have allocated a notional budget of £5,000 to support the efforts of each Working Group. This will primarily be to support travel and subsistence.  It is anticipated that one or two members of each group will liaise with other organisations requested to support the implementation of the Recommendations.  We request that any member that are interested in assisting the working groups email and by 1pm on the 22nd July, outlining any relevant skills and experience and how and why they can support the efforts of the Working Group.  This should be presented in less than 300 words.

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