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Patron: Maggie Philbin (Wikipedia biography; Personal biography)

We currently have nearly 800 individual members, drawn from relevant schools and departments in over 100 UK universities, which clearly provides us with the mandate to be the representational body for this group in the UK and ensures that we are consulted by policy-makers and practitioners undertaking any activities that affect our sector.

CPHC membership is open to Professors and/or Heads of Computing Departments (or related subject groups) in all UK Universities.  (Given the diversity of the subject area, and the diversity of University organisational structures, if you are unclear if you qualify please contact us!)

Membership is charged to institutions rather than to individuals, so if you are not currently a member of CPHC but are eligible, you can become a member at no personal cost.

The CPHC is led by a Committee of elected members, each Committee Member being elected from within the CPHC membership for a term of two years at the Annual Conference (up to a maximum of seven years).

As with all membership organisations of this type, CPHC can only be as active and as vibrant as its members, so we would encourage you not only to join CPHC but to be active and involved, helping us to be as effective as you would wish us to be!

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