Joining CPHC

Membership is open to Professors and Heads of Computing Departments (and related disciplines) in UK Universities.

There are currently nearly 800 individual members, drawn from relevant schools and departments in over 100 UK universities.

If your department is a member and you satisfy the membership rules below you can join by sending an email to, and you can leave by sending another email or by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the relevant mailing list email.

Joining and leaving using the address is not automated, so please do not expect a response by return.

Please send your email from your normal academic email address.

Membership Rules

The guidelines for eligibility to be on the mailing list and to vote at AGMs are given below.

It assumes subscriptions for Group 1 members have been paid or are about to be paid by the University to whom the potential member belongs.

Group 1 membership (full members, voting members)

Professors Heads of Department Notes:

  • Others may be nominated by the Head of School or Head of Department. Such nominations may be approved by the committee to provide a reasonable balance of membership across the community. Approvals for nominations will normally be from new universities and be managers of people (such as Heads of Division). The committee will also bear in mind the structure of the School or Department, its size, and the number of sites involved.
  • In some departments, the Head is a rotating post. In such cases, the Head remains on the list only while in this post as Head, and then will be removed from the list unless otherwise qualified to be a member.
  • Visiting professors are not eligible to be CPHC members.
  • Senior academic staff who are not professors, even though they have administrative responsibilities, would not normally qualify as members. It is up to the Head of Department to arrange for emails to be distributed to staff who are not members if this is felt to be appropriate.

Group 2 membership

Those who have been full permanent members in the past and are now either retired or promoted i.e. no longer in post.

The committee will seek information from Heads of Schools or Departments, or whomever they think appropriate, in considering active involvement, including any case put forward by the applicant. Note: Former Heads in rotating posts who are not professors and who have retired or been promoted will not normally remain on the email list.

Please note that when full permanent members retire or are promoted, they need to contact the Chair or the Administration Officer to say that they wish to stay on the list.

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