Town Hall meetings

The Institute of Coding has announced a Future Projects Fund. Proposals are sought which focus on “extension and improvement of digital skills education for all learners at undergraduate and postgraduate level (Levels 6 and 7), with a particular focus on those that are considered ‘hard to reach’”. Proposals are due 26th November 2018 (noon).

Full details are available from the IoC website, from 29th August:

A funding brief is available here (Annex AAnnex B and Annex C).

To encourage high quality submissions we are arranging two Town Hall meetings to facilitate community discussion, identify emergent ideas, and support the formation of consortia.

London Town Hall

5th September 2018, University College London
Room B404, Cruciform Building, Gower Street

Manchester Town Hall

16th October, 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University

Indicative Outline

10.30 coffee

11.00-11.10 Iain Phillips, CPHC welcome. Outline of CPHC interest and hopes for these meetings.

11.10-11.25 Rachid Hourizi, Director, Institute of Coding

  • Presentation of context: Existing IoC structure and concerns.

11.25-11.45 Sheila Flavell, COO of FDM Group and Chair of the IoC Industry Advisory Board

  • Presentation of Future Projects Fund, its aims and priorities.
  • Criteria for success

11.45-12.15 Small-table discussion(s), where delegates:

  • Identify issues
  • Formulate questions

12.15-12.50 Questions from floor

12.50-13.00 Next steps: summation of proceedings (including any actions); identification of contact points for further information