Email lists

Sending and receiving emails through the Jobs Email List and the Conferences Announcement Email List is open to everyone, even if you are not a CPHC member.

The Conference email list can be used to carry Computer Science conference announcements and calls for papers.

The Jobs email list can be used to carry job advertisements from research studentships to Chairs. The subscribers mainly comprise of academics with occasional membership of overseas and industrial people.

In using any of these services, please adhere to our agreed Acceptable Use Policy


If you want to send notices of jobs or conferences to our email lists click on to send job notices, or on to send conference notices.


Registering yourself to receive emails sent through cphc-jobs and cphc-conf is automated. To register send the relevant command in the body of an email, as follows:

join cphc-jobs Title Forenames/Initials Surname
e.g. join cphc-jobs Jesse W James


join cphc-conf Title Forenames/Initials Surname
e.g. join cphc-conf Dr Jesse W James

Send your email to The list manager will inform you when your request has been successful.

In addition, there is a web-based general academic job service which is updated daily and can be accessed at

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