Call for Submissions for the 2018 CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertation competition

The 2018 CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations competition is now open for submissions

 The competition aims to make more visible the significant contribution made by the UK – in particular by postgraduate students – to computer science. Any dissertation is eligible that is submitted for a doctorate in the British Isles in what is commonly understood as computer science.

To be considered, a dissertation should:

  • make a noteworthy contribution to the subject;
  • reach a high standard of exposition;
  • place its results clearly in the context of computer science as a whole; and
  • enable a computer scientist with significantly different interests to grasp its essentials.

The closing date for submissions is Sunday 1 April 2018.  Further details can be found on the web at: and information on the rules of submission may be found at: